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When about a year ago Apple presented the iPhone X, the reactions were very varied. It was not for less, because the X was completely different to all the iPhone to date; Compared to the iPhone 8, it did not seem to be contemporary, but there was a generation among them.

The iPhone Xs represents Apple’s new path

The novelties were controversial, like the famous “notch” or notch, which allows to extend the screen to the top edges of the device; Leaving a mark to house the cameras, sensors and loudspeakers. But we’re talking about Apple, and although the notch still has many enemies, it has ended up being adopted by the vast majority of manufacturers; As well as the design lines of the iPhone X.

Fortunately, if you didn’t like the new address of Apple, at least you had the iPhone 8; That was a “classic” iPhone, and for many it was his favorite model. However, it is undeniable that the iPhone X has had a great success, with a satisfaction of 98% according to Apple.

If we can get a message out of today’s Apple event, it’s that those winks in the past are no longer hollow. The new main iPhone of the brand, the iPhone Xs, is a replay of everything that made special the iPhone X; But it’s also the confirmation of the company’s new path.

An iPhone X updated

We say this because the similarities between the iPhone Xs and the iPhone X are too much to count. Both feature a 5.8-inch OLED screen, and the device’s design is almost identical. Not surprisingly, for weeks, rumors speak that this iPhone would repeat to the name of its successor.

It’s not like that, but the Xs name tells us everything we need to know. We are facing an improved iPhone X; So it has the notch, it has no fingerprint reader and it does have FaceID technology. At the same time, virtually everything receives an improvement; In some cases small, in others not so much.

The iPhone Xs has been made of stainless steel, and has a new complete gold finish. The screen reaches the edges, and the crystal is the most resistant on a smartphone, according to Apple. In addition, it is IP68 certified, so it can withstand, for example, a drop in the pool. It will be available in gold, silver and charcoal grey.

The screen is still 5.8 inch, and OLED technology. The Super retina resolution is 2436 x 1135 pixels. But thanks to the design, compared to the iPhone 8 is a smaller mobile, but with bigger screen. Of course, it is HDR-compliant.

FaceID was a controversial addition, the substitute for fingerprint sensors. With the Xs, Apple bets everything for FaceID, including all the necessary sensors and using technologies like neural networks. But thanks to new algorithms now unlocking the iPhone is faster.

The sound has been enhanced, with a quality stereo experience that will be noticed especially in video games and movies. Apple claims that they don’t need headphones this way.

New A12 Bionic, 7 NM chip

Inside, Apple launches the A12 Bionic chip, which is the first 7 NM chip; This way they have managed to get 6.9 billion of transistors in a small size. Many manufacturers have tried to make the jump at 7 nm, but Apple has advanced all.

The Neural Engine now has eight cores, dedicated to automatic learning; This way, it is able to perform 5 trillion operations per second. No, I’m not mistaken, it’s trillion with B.

The advantage of Apple is that the A12 Bionic is designed only for iPhones. So you can give these jumps and offer devices designed with the best performance in mind.

The price of memory chips has caused the storage to be the first thing that many manufacturers cut. Not the Xs, which can count up to 512 GB of storage. In addition, Apple will offer more freedom to choose the size that we want; We will have three capacities to choose from: 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

The image processor is such an important part of photography as the sensors themselves, taking advantage of the Neural Engine to detect faces, or segment the parts of the photo. It is capable of carrying out a trillion operations in every photo we take.

Smart HDR is a new feature, the evolution of the HDR. When we take a photo, the app recognizes the subject and takes four consecutive photos, as well as intermediate frames, as well as a long exposure photo.

All this is analyzed and joined in a single photo to enhance the colors and shapes. This way, we can even take pictures pointing directly at the sun. Once we have taken a picture, we can change the depth of background at any time.

As for battery, the iPhone Xs is able to last 30 minutes more than the iPhone X.

Augmented reality and video games take advantage of the extra power

With the A12 Bionic, it is possible to take advantage of the potential of automatic learning, using one tenth of the energy. This will be especially important for augmented reality, the company’s big bet. Not only in applications, but also for the already known Animoji.

Another interesting feature is AR Quick Look, with a touch that allows us to place a virtual object in the image to see how it would look; For example, when you buy a product.

This additional power can be exploited very well in video games, as demonstrated by the CEO of BETHESDA, the most famous developer for the saga The Elder scrolls. He took the opportunity to teach the Elder scrolls Blades, a title of the saga developed for mobiles that takes advantage of the potential of the A12 to present ultra realistic graphics.

Augmented reality and automatic learning can be used for new apps concepts. As Homecourt, it is able to track the movement of basketball players in real time to detect the annotations. At every moment six variables are recorded on the ball, which can help us to improve our game

Another interesting possibility is to create new games that use augmented reality. A new version of the classic Galaga allows us to shoot enemies directly with our smartphone; And the extra power allows integrating advanced particle effects into the game.

The new standard

The iPhone Xs will be available in Dual SIM version. With the DSDS technology we can count on two lines and at the moment when one makes a call the mobile will focus on it. ESIM technology has been a great help in implementing this. However, operators will have to provide support for this technology. Except in China, where by regulations Apple is obliged to offer an exclusive model with two SIM.

The new iPhone is also green, and I don’t mean the color. Much of its components have been created from recycled materials, many of them from old models. Thanks to the Apple GiveBack program, Apple can convert the iPhone into new materials using Daisy, a robot capable of dismantling nine types of iPhone.

The iPhone X was a very innovative model, especially compared to the previous generation. But innovations usually bring their own hand problems, as we saw with the iPhone X. With the iPhone Xs, we are facing the second round of the same concept; With filed roughness, improved hardware, and better-tuned concepts. It’s not a revolution but honestly, that’s not what the iPhone X needed.


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