Apple has just formalize the launch of its new operating system on the Apple WWDC 2018 iOS 12. The software that will use iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch comes with surprises that you probably didn’t imagine. Full compatibility, augmented reality and enhanced photographic tool confirm a quantum leap into the future. Then you can find out all the news and changes of the iOS 12 that have been announced.

ARKit 2.0: Apple’s present contemplates augmented reality

Perhaps the most risky and futuristic proposal is ARKit 2.0. The augmented reality program will provide users with much more realistic interaction and multimedia experiences.

The most impressive thing will be the ability of this complement to recognize faces and interact with 3D objects. For example, with the “Measure” function you will have the possibility to obtain the exact measurements of any object that you have in sight. An approach with our cell phone will suffice to know the actual measurements of anything.

The experiences of augmented reality offered by the company can be addressed by the users as observers, or as participants (videogames to mention an example). For this reason, it is intuited that several apps and programs are prepared that will not only have the function of entertaining, but will be useful in everyday life. Online multiplayer games will benefit.

The ARKit 2.0 improvements officially announced are as follows:

Realistic representation of the focused objects and graphics of video games or applications (detection of three-dimensional objects).
Improved facial recognition.
Always use the original cable your computer brought in.
Persistent and shared experiences.

Improvement in the application “photos”

If there is something important for Apple users are the evolutions of the App “photos”. This allows us to view and manage our photographic files stored in the different devices. The company has raised its stake to help us better interact with this tool.

The first thing is that the search for photos has been improved. It will open up the possibility to do intelligent searches to find those photos that you do not know in which folder they are. Now, you can search for a picture according to the context or any memory that comes to mind about it. For example, if you think you took the photo on a “beach”, you can enter this word and the search engine will throw all the possible results into your files.

This application will also have a new function that will allow you to share content with the people you have taken a picture of. Everything will be possible thanks to the face detection, which when identifying a friend or relative, will send you a invite notification to share the image with the person identified.

Among the smart options in this application you will highlight the section “Photos for you”. Using this function, the operating system will show you outstanding photographic contents that may be of interest to us.

Siri is now smarter and makes our processes easier

As you should know, Siri is an Apple virtual assistant that aims to improve our interaction with the devices. This tool has been opened to third-party applications. If you tell Siri that you need something, it will connect you to the Apps that can help you fill out that need.

Example: If you need to “relax” you will have a quick and direct connection to meditation, yoga, music, and other applications. To give this order, you only have to find the function “add to Siri” and record the word you want to use as a command (in this case “relax”). In short, the wizard will make it easier to solve problems.

In addition, with Siri Shortcuts you will be able to create system shortcuts to systematize tasks. Anything you need to do or search will be faster and easier. This means more opportunities to personalize your Apple device.

Improved device management features similar to Android

In recent years, iPhone users had expressed strong criticism related to the submission of notifications and the optimization of the equipment. It seems that Apple has decided to adapt and give the reason to its consumers looking to match the practicality of the Android operating system.

Improvements in grouped notifications

A positive note is that the iOS 12 operating system will return the grouped notifications. Since you install this new version, you will not have to read dozens of notifications about the same conversation on Facebook or WhatsApp. Now, all the related alerts will be grouped and you won’t have the main screen full of so many ads.

Do Not Disturb mode

Another innovative feature is that you will be able to manage the use of your device which will be healthy for both your computers and yourself. To do this, you will have a tool that allows you to manage the time you spend interacting with your iPhone or iPad. With the “Do Not Disturb” option, you will receive fewer notifications and information at bedtime.

Screen Time

To this we add the application Screen Time, a tool that will help you to know how you are using your Apple team. Basically, you will have a weekly bulletin about the functions and applications that you use the most and the time you do, in this way, you will optimize your interaction with the cell phone or the equipment that you have.

Other improvements of the new iOS 12

Here we will mention other iOS 12 Apple innovations of lesser significance, but that could improve your experience with the iPhone and the rest of the teams:

  • FaceTime will allow you to make video calls in groups with up to 32 people at a time. You can send invitations to join people in your conversation.
  • The Animojis will detect your tongue so you can take it out and have created new characters like the Tiger and the Phantom.
  • Updated Apple information services such as “voice memos”, “Apple News”, “bag” and “iBooks”. In relation to the latest app, audiobooks will be allowed.
  • Memojis are created: This is an option to create animojis that look like you. You will be able to choose hairstyle, skin color, presence of freckles, lenses, among other qualities. This animation will also move your head.

IOS 12-compliant devices

Best of all is that many people will be able to enjoy the wonders of this new release. Then we will leave you a list of the computers that will be able to enjoy the new operating system:

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone IS
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad (2017)
  • iPad (2018)
  • 9.7 inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5 inch iPad Pro
  • 12.9 inch iPad Pro
  • Sixth Generation iPod Touch

All of this means that Apple lightened its previous system update policies, under which previous versions simply were not compatible with the company’s technological advances. The advantage of this is that if you have an older computer listed and a more current list, you can use the older one to test the beta version of iOS 12.

But better still, it has been announced that IOS 12 will improve provide good stability and improve the performance of previous equipment such as the iPhone 6 and 6s. In the case of these Smartphones, it ensures an improved speed by up to 30%. Tablets and cell phones released until four years ago could be more effective.

Date and Availability

If you want to try the beta version of this new operating system, you can learn how to download and install iOS 12 Beta 1 from today. During WWDC 18 It was also announced that the public trial version will be launched in the coming weeks. It will be for September that Apple will present us the final 12 and without any faults.


Everything indicates that the 12 main features are a push into the future. Apple has become more flexible to please its consumers in terms of system compatibility and other important tasks. In this way, the Apple company declares war on the Android system.

Rumors iOS 13 for 2019

We have not finished testing the finished version of iOS 12 when we have already started talking about Apple’s next operating system. The 13 rumors come and go and although it is not known too much, it is said that there would already be a sketch of the concept, types of improvements and the background of what comes for the 2019. Are you wondering what the next iOS will be like?

iOS 13 News and rumors

Towards a unification of iOS and macOS platforms

According to the news iOS 13, this will be the strong dish of Apple for the next year 2019. This is a somewhat difficult idea to explain if you are just an iPhone consumer or any other equipment produced by the brand of Cupertino. But developers and people familiar with the theme of programming and creating Apps.

If we see it in a broad way, it is a mistake to think that iOS and macOS are two different platforms. To tell the truth, they are related because they share the same kernel of system, graphics and concepts. But as we all know, each one is aimed at a different kind of device.

When unification, it is not also about creating a kind of emulator that can make the iOS platform that is for mobile, run from a Mac. It’s not that the iPhone OS Apps can run from an Apple computer. What it’s all about is unifying tools for iPhone application developers, so that these work on MAC as well.

This is what the famous universal applications are all about. All this is done through the Marzipan project, whose objective is the structuring of a cross platform. The user experience will be complete and similar whether we want to use the iPhone, the MAC or other computers.

In iOS 13 will come the real innovations

With the celebration of the WWDC 2018 we were all somewhat impacted by the innovations of the new iOS 12. However, if we look with a critical eye we can see that this seemed just the beginning of something bigger.

In fact the big dish seemed to be the beginning of the overcrowding of augmented and virtual reality applications. Here day some applications were presented like the set of “Lego AR” and “Measure”, with which we will be able to measure the dimensions of the objects with just focusing our camera of the mobile phone. Apparently, this is just the tip of an iceberg.

Many rumors suggest that there are many more functions and applications already ready that have not been shown. The reason: These would be released with the next iOS 13 Apple. What is confirmed is that the company has two fundamental tools for the advancement in the field: Arkit 2 and the new format USDZ files, to share files augmented reality.

At times, the idea has been to introduce all users to the new world of augmented reality applications. The new iOS 12 offers the right support for these applications, but it is thought that the next operating system will be even more advanced, stable and innovative.

The applications of “email” and “photos” will be much more advanced than expected and you would be working on a deep reform. Reading ebooks and playing audiobooks would improve to the point, which is expected to generate a change in the way users read and learn.

Another reason why the most advanced innovations would have been delayed is that the Apple directive does not want to launch new applications that come with many errors. Engineers now have more time to perform the tests.

iOS 13: An operating system designed for the iPad

According to Mark Gurman, one of the main responsible for Apple’s information leaks, next year’s operating system will be focused on exalting and enhancing the iPad experience.

It is expected that in about 13 months improve some things like taking advantage of the screen, creating a new home screen and the ability to work with several windows when we are inside an application. The latter will be referred to as the “multitasking” modality.

All of this would mean a profound change in the interface and the way we use applications. For no one is a secret that the new iOS 12 is dedicated mostly to innovation in the field of iPhone.

In 2019 comes a start screen change

Although already discussed in the previous point, this renewal of the home screen would not only be for the iPad, but also for Apple mobile phones. This provision speaks for itself of the great changes that will come from this renewal.

Remember that Apple does not change its home screen from the iOS 7, ie since the year 2013. It has been five years and a renewal is necessary from a visual point of view. This could also confirm for a long time the intent of making an important interface change.

2019: The Year of virtual reality

It already seems clear why Apple began to illusions with its first steps in terms of virtual reality and augmented. What was shown with iOS 12 would be just a starter to begin embracing the technological change that is coming. 2019 would be a key year, having a much broader offer in terms of applications and devices.

In fact, it has been rumored a lot about the arrival of lenses, helmet and even an Apple device for virtual reality. For this reason, it is thought that the next 13 novelties will have to do exclusively with this topic. So far, Apple has secretly kept information about this kind of news.

Anyway, we must be prepared for the changes that are about to come. Beyond the iOS that comes, Recov ery Reiboot will always be compatible with iPhone and will allow us to make repairs in the operating system. The best thing is that your implementation will allow us to overcome failures without losing information.