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How to free iCloud space and optimize free storage

By just creating a iCloud account for the first time, Apple gives you 5GB so you can store all the information on your first device. Already use...
apple chip ios 13

What we expect from the A13 iPhone XI processor

We are in the middle of April and there is still a long way to September, the month in which Apple usually presents its new iPhone. It...
icloud free

5 very useful tools of iCloud that will make your life easier

iCloud, Apple's own cloud, is one of the most fantastic tools we have within reach of our iPhone, iPad or Mac and less squeeze to the maximum....
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Where the iPhone backups are stored in iCloud

The backups are very important elements to this day, in these times when almost all our personal information is stored in the small devices that we call...
iCloud eliminate tool

Deleting all data stored in iCloud

After all the controversy that has emerged with Facebook and selling private data from millions of users to the company Cambridge Analytica, which by the way after...
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How to know if an iPhone is blocked by iCloud

The Apple cloud, called by the company iCloud, is used for many things more than a traditional cloud. Apple saves in iCloud a lot of information about...

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