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The backups are very important elements to this day, in these times when almost all our personal information is stored in the small devices that we call iPhone.

For this, if you are looking for the location of the backup copies of your iPhone or iPad in iCloud, in this article we will show you where they are stored. It does not matter if you use Windows, Mac OS or iOS, you will find them also following the steps of this article. Read!

What are iCloud backups?

The function of backups that we can find in iCloud what it does is, as it indicates its name, to create a backup of the basic information of your iPhone, including many configurations and settings of different applications – you can Select which applications you want to upload to the cloud-.

Thanks to this backup, the restoration process of an old iPhone or the activation of a new one is done twice as fast, because all the essential information of the device is quickly downloaded, helping you to configure much of the terminal without Need to touch anything.

What is included in the backups of iCloud

ICloud backups do not include all the device information, only that which is essential for your configuration and quick use, such as some settings or application information such as health or Mail.

Similarly iCloud stores other information, which according to the Apple support page, is as follows:

  1. Application data.
  2. History of all your calls.
  3. Messages received, either iMessage, SMS or MMS.
  4. Tones of your iPhone.
  5. Backups of your Apple Watch.
  6. Organization of your home screen, including folders and names.
  7. Photos and videos of your device.
  8. Adjustments made in HomeKit.
  9. History of purchases in Apple applications, such as Itunes, App Store, iBooks, among many others.
  10. Your iPhone settings.

How to find backups on iOS

If you are looking for backup copies of your iPhone in iCloud but do not find them, just do the following:

  1. Opens the configuration application.
  2. Play in your name and then play in iCloud – play here directly if you count with iOS 10.2 or lower –.
  3. In this menu, click Manage Storage. If you have a lower version of iOS 11, just tap on the graphic that appears on the screen.
  4. If you have iOS 11, you have one extra step, which is to play in the backup option.

From here you can select the backups you want and also delete them. Or you can select the applications and features that you want your iPhone to backup every so long.

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How to find backups in mac OS

If you have a Mac, find the backups that makes iCloud your iPhone is pretty straightforward too. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Apple menu.
  2. Click System Preferences.
  3. Play in iCloud.
  4. Select the Manage option.
  5. Opens the option called Backups.

Ready. Now you should be able to see your iCloud backups from your device with macOS.

How to find backups in Windows

In Windows this is probably easier, but remember that you have to have downloaded the application of iCloud on your computer. Follow these instructions to find your backups:

  1. Open the iCloud application on your computer.
  2. Touch the storage option.
  3. Click Backups.

It’s done. Backups made by iCloud should now appear on the screen.

If there is something to thank Apple, that is to put the options and functions so in view. Thanks to this it is very easy to find what we want to find no matter what operating system we are using.


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