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iCloud, Apple’s own cloud, is one of the most fantastic tools we have within reach of our iPhone, iPad or Mac and less squeeze to the maximum. And eye, not that we do not know its existence, is that we are not aware of everything we can do with it easily and quickly.

Then a review to discover its enormous potential and get to work to exploit it. Your user experience will be more satisfying and comfortable.

Share any File

Forget once and for all the attached files of your mail, that apart from that we forget to add them half times, they have limitations in both its size and the extension. With iCloud Drive You can upload any type of file and attach it instantly using messages, Mail or any other app.

You can also add people so they can view, edit or download it. All are advantages: You can work at the same time and the changes are updated continuously.

Updated and automatic backups

Although there are several ways to make backups, there is nothing like iCloud. You only have to activate it and your device is charging and under a Wi-Fi network, the backup will be updated automatically so that you forget the security until you have to take hold of it.

To activate it, go to Settings > your name > iCloud > copy in iCloud and mark “copy in iCloud”.

Your Apple device always controlled

Where’s my iPhone? Will he fall under the couch? Did I leave it in the car? Have they stolen it from Me? A cold sweat runs through your back. Good thing you count on looking for my iPhone.

You only have to activate it from Settings > your name > iCloud and go to the option to find my iPhone.

Your photos on all your devices

This function allows us to forget a tedious task: to pass the photos we are doing with the mobile to the computer. With the photo library every picture that we make and the retouching that we will later be accessible on all your iOS devices and your Mac.

You can activate it from settings > photos and mark the photo library of iCloud.

Storage for the whole family

Imagine that you have hired a storage plan, did you know that you can share it with your family and that each one has its own space? Activate in Settings > your name > in family, choose the plan and invite your family. Learn how to set up as a family and share your space.


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